2018 Learning Tracks

Conference sessions are organized into tracks (categories) to ensure the proper distribution of session topics. Each track is managed by a track chair who selects sessions for that track. All HDI 2018 tracks are listed below.

Evolving Desktop Support

The sessions in this track provide practical solutions and innovative methods for managing increased demands on Desktop Support teams and for navigating the changing landscape of technologies and business needs. Learn about emerging trends, process improvement, performance measurements, key metrics, managing expectations, and becoming more proactive. 

The Executive Stakeholder Perspective

The sessions in this track deliver strategic guidance for managing sourcing strategies and service providers, building peer and business relationships, improving demand management and service level adherence, benchmarking, empowering and engaging your staff, managing change, measuring the metrics that matter, marketing your support organization, and communicating effectively. Learn how to maximize your organization’s investment in process, people, and technology.

Putting Metrics to Work

Performance measurement is a critical activity for any effective technical support organization. The sessions in this track delve into which metrics and KPIs your organization should be measuring, how to effectively report the most meaningful metrics through executive dashboards, KPI reports, and balanced scorecards, as well as how to put metrics to work to drive better business outcomes. Learn how to make the right decisions, take the appropriate actions for continuous improvement, and, above all, make the metrics your organization uses matter.

Reinventing the Customer Experience

It’s time to rethink the customer experience. Customer experience management (CEM) is more than just providing customer service; it’s about delivering service across all channels of support in a significant, meaningful, and intentional way. The sessions in this track will focus on clearly identifying the customer needs, designing and implementing new and innovative approaches to providing support, and using the results to tell a compelling story that engages customers, executives, and stakeholders.

Service Desk Foundations

This track focuses on Analysts and new supervisors and managers who need to learn the fundamentals, frameworks, methodologies and best practices to create value. If you’re just starting out and are passionate, hungry, and engaged, attend the sessions in this track to learn how you can gain valuable knowledge and set a strong foundation for your career.

Service Desk Masters

This track is for support leaders who seek to mature their organizations and demonstrate the strategic value of a professional Service Desk. If your tactical operations are running smoothly, now is the  time to elevate the status of your Service Desk and improve alignment with the business. But your plans and vision must first win approval from senior leadership, giving you the extra push you need to take your team to the top. The sessions in this track will take a deep dive into the elements of a strategic roadmap, including best practices, metrics, and dashboards for measuring performance, building culture, and engaging employees. Take your Service Desk to the next level!

Support Center Optimization

This track dives into the concepts and best practices that promote process improvement and operational efficiency and effectiveness, all of which are critical to support center optimization. Learn from others' experiences with implementing new services, facilitating process adoption, and keeping pace with emerging trends. Gain insights from industry experts on how to optimize day-to-day operations and implement new strategies, while keeping a focus on quality assurance and continuous service improvement.

Team Performance and Transformation

This track focuses on key strategies related to team and people management in the support organization, covering best practices, strategies, philosophies, methodologies, and approaches that will help teams perform and transform into high functioning, successful teams. The sessions will cover a range of topics: performance management, employee engagement, retention, and motivation, organizational change, rewards and recognition, mentoring and coaching, negotiation and conflict management, staffing and workforce management, and much more.