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Keynote Presentations

Dynamic thought leaders, that will entertain and inspire!

Expert and experienced, these headline speakers will heighten you and your team’s awareness around the pillars of success: organizational excellence, unflappable leadership, and a healthy, productive culture. You’ll bear witness to the power of coming together and the impact it can have on your career, your team, and your business.

Expectation and the Predetermined Outcome: A View Through the Blue

Randall Jaynes

How can seeing the world through the Blue Man Group’s creative lenses help us to understand, and ultimately overcome, our own perceived limitations? In this highly interactive keynote, Randall Jaynes, veteran Blue Man and senior artistic director of the Blue Man Group, will describe their approach to creativity as illustrated by the six Blue Man character archetypes. Explore the creative and collaborative possibilities that arise when we move away from comfortable isolation into connectedness and understand the ways in which letting go of ego opens up new ways of thinking and allows us to connect with others more authentically. The tools you learn will enable an invaluable new approach to addressing challenges, both personal and professional.

About the Speaker

Randall Jaynes is the Senior Artistic Director and a veteran Blue Man with the internationally acclaimed Blue Man Group. He trained for ten years in Grotowski-based intensive physical theatre before receiving a graduate degree from the American Repertory Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University. His original character-based solo shows employ dynamic physicality and explore the precarious psychology between fact and fable. Randall’s most recent production “Billy Nijinsky”, a tale of the dangerous relationship between the everyman and the idealized self, won Best Production at the NYC International Fringe Festival. Randall holds a black belt in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

The Great Programmable Subconscious: Using Hypnosis to Set Your GPS for Success

Wayne Lee

For many of us, our minds are littered with detours, potholes, and accidents waiting to happen. Fear, self-doubt, lack of direction, inhibitions of all kinds – these beliefs reside in our subconscious and prevent us from reaching our conscious goals. But if you set your GPS – your Great Programmable Subconscious – for success, you can achieve anything while enjoying the ride of your life.

Through an unforgettable hypnosis presentation, Wayne teaches you positive programming tools to optimize your performance at work and at home. He’ll helps you access and harness the power of your subconscious mind to overcome the negative habitual thought patterns that block our productivity. Learn one specific strategy you can use immediately to overcome stress, change limiting beliefs, and perform better, as well as a 10-week goal achievement program that will make the message last a lifetime.

About the Speaker

Wayne’s own journey to excellence has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for empowering people. From a childhood fascination with magic and visualization, Wayne’s gift and passion for seeing great potential and acting on it has grown to international proportions: he one of North America’s premier corporate presenters, a veteran of thousands of successful shows and presentations, a published author, and peak performance coach to professionals of all walks of life.

As a former five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion and a beloved classroom instructor, Wayne has spent his whole life practicing what he teaches. He is an unrelenting advocate for individuals and teams looking to turn potential into performance.

Beyond Happiness: Why Purpose Is the Secret to Team Performance

Jenn Lim

Drawn from the latest research and best practices, Jenn Lim explains why the modern workplace needs to think beyond happiness to get tangible results. In this keynote, Jenn will inspire you to get back to your core and live a purposeful life – at home and at work. Learn how you can adapt to unknowns by applying purpose, values, and behaviors to navigate the future of work; how to create “people ecosystems” that cultivate happiness, embrace wholeness, and nurture new ways to be and feel more human at work; and how to tend to your garden as you build greenhouses where others’ gardens can grow and flourish. She’ll answer the crucial questions of our time – “What’s in it for me?” and “What’s in it for all?” – and she’ll give you the secret to how prioritizing purpose, profit, positivity, and people can change the world. (Spoiler: It’s starts with you!)

About the Speaker

Jenn Lim is the bestselling author of Beyond Happiness and the CEO of Delivering Happiness, a company she and Tony Hsieh (the late CEO of cofounded to create happier company cultures for a more profitable and sustainable approach to business. Jenn’s mission is both simple and profound: to teach businesses how to create workplaces – led with happiness and humanity – that generate more profit and sustain all people at every level of the organization, and to share how we can make a greater impact by being true to our authentic selves. She has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, The World Happiness Report, The Guardian, Fast Company, Thrive Global, MSN, Success Magazine, New York Post, SiriusXM Business Radio, and more.

Enterprise Service Management Is a Strategy, Not a Tool: A Success Guide for IT and Beyond

Moderator: Tim McElgunn, Principal Analyst, HDI

Join HDI Strategic Advisory Board members for insights and advice on extending the benefits of service management across all organizational units and departments in your enterprise. Our panel will open your eyes to why, even with the best tools in place, success will remain elusive until you understand enterprise service management (ESM) as a strategic mindset. Their deep experience and pragmatic perspectives will help you approach ESM as a critical enabler of an overarching organizational mission, rather than a collection of tools or a one-and-done initiative. You’ll leave ready to recognize the real-word questions that ESM raises for IT and across the entire enterprise, and you’ll be much better equipped to identify the people and processes that will be critical to starting – or continuing – a successful ESM journey.

In a wide-ranging discussion, David Cannon, Roy Atkinson, and Marni Casanova will share the hard-won insights they’ve gained while helping extend the service management mindset to every member of IT support organizations and supporting departments outside IT as they work to adapt service management frameworks to their own critical value streams.