SupportWorld Live

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Learning Tracks

The SupportWorld Live programming team took all the challenges you’re facing today and set out to meticulously create an educational program that addresses each and every one of them. The result is a convergence of ideas, strategies, tactics, and case studies that will empower your support and service management team. The educational program features six learning tracks that will not only tell you how it’s done, but show you how to do it.

This year’s tracks include:

Leading World-Class Teams

The sessions in this track deliver strategic guidance for building and leading a rock-solid culture. Learn best practices for connecting a global team, being a servant leader, creating a culture and workplace that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion, and unlocking your team’s potential—you’ll even discover Star Wars’ secrets of the Leadership Force!

Maximizing People, Culture, and Performance

The sessions in this track cover everything from transforming the way people work and influencing an organization’s culture to ensuring that value can be achieved and sustained for the long term. Learn about the best practices, strategies, philosophies, methodologies, and approaches that will help your staff excel and transform into high-functioning, successful individual contributors and teams.

Modernizing Service Management

From change management to experience management, cyber-security to robotics and AI, process improvement to process automation, the sessions in this track hold the keys to modernizing your organization’s service management practices. Learn how to power up your organization with forward-thinking approaches to knowledge management, swarming, self-service, digital transformation, and much more.

Optimizing the Support Organization

The sessions in this track dive into the concepts and best practices that promote process improvement and operational efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how to optimize day-to-day operations and implement new strategies, all while maintaining your focus on quality, value, and continuous service improvement.

Pursuing Service Excellence

The sessions in this track take a deep dive into the elements of strategic service and support, including managing support as a business, consolidating operations, innovating rapidly and effectively, and building strategic relationships with solution and service providers.

Revolutionizing the Customer Experience

This track takes a deep dive into the true impact of an exceptional customer experience. You’ll walk away with a fresh action plan for differentiating customer service and customer experience, implementing innovative approaches to providing both, streamlining the survey and feedback processes, and using the results to tell a compelling story that engages customers, executives, and stakeholders.