Pre-11: The Creative Storm: Igniting Creative Leadership in Your Organization

Tuesday, April 10 at 9:00 AM

Having exceptional creative talent isn’t enough. There’s only one way to ensure peak performance in your employees and organization: you need to lead it—and with a unique, creative kind of leadership. This interactive workshop will show you how. You’ll get proven management philosophies and practices to help you build and maintain a creative culture and in the process you’ll be poised for breakaway growth and success by unleashing your organization’s most powerful hidden natural asset: human creativity.


Nelson Cabral

President and Chief Creative Officer
CABRAL Creative Leadership International, Inc.

Nelson Cabral's business keynotes, consulting, and training focus on leading creative organizations and cultures around them. As the world's only Triple Threat Creative Leadership Expert, Nelson shares his decades of leadership experience as an award-winning advertising executive, creative director, TV, film, and video director, and Broadway leading man. He's on a mission to develop and inspire a new breed of leaders: a creative CEO in every enterprise.

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