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This workshop focuses on the development and execution of strategic plans that will take the organization to the next level. Participants discover how to improve and communicate their value, focus on results, manage customer perceptions, and identify the processes and procedures that are necessary for success.

What You Will Learn

  • Assessment strategies for the support center
  • How to quantify your support center’s value and maximize return on investment (ROI)
  • A twelve-step process and decision matrix for selecting technologies and vendors
  • The requirements of an effective service catalog
  • How to align support strategies with business goals and objectives
  • Knowledge management processes that can save you time and money
  • Strategies for workforce management, coaching, team building, and succession planning
  • How to justify a service improvement project (SIP) with a business case
  • The ins-and-outs of valuable reporting tools: balanced scorecard, morning report, and executive brief
  • How to select the right leading and lagging indicators

Who Should Attend

Seasoned technical service and support leaders who are responsible for an organization's overall service delivery and provide strategic direction, financial accountability, and performance reporting.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Executive Leadership

  • The Role of the Support Center Director
  • Support Center Maturity
  • Managing as a Business
  • Best Practices and Frameworks

Unit 2: Business Planning and Strategy

  • Building the Strategy
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • IT Financial Management
  • Cost, Value, and Return on Investment
  • Managing Expectations

Unit 3: Support Center Processes

  • IT Service Management
  • ITIL® Service Support
  • ITIL Service Delivery
  • Knowledge Management

Unit 4: Tools and Technology

  • Technology Strategies
  • Determining Technology Needs
  • Managing Vendor Relationships

Unit 5: Metrics and Quality Assurance

  • Operational Metrics
  • Performance Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement

Unit 6: People Management

  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Workforce Management
  • Team Building

Three-Day Course Includes

Instruction, online certification exam, breakfast, lunch, and breaks

Presented by John Custy

John Custy has more than 25 years’ experience in designing, developing, and implementing IT Services Management solutions, both as a practitioner and consultant. He has assisted many organizations in developing their service strategies and translating these strategies into functional business plans, resulting in improved IT and Services Management practices. John is a well-known speaker, educator and consultant on Service Management globally and continues to contribute to the evolution and improvement of Service Management programs.