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Pre-8: XLA Foundation

Start Dates Duration Certification Exam Included Price
Sunday 5/15 - 5/17 3 days Yes $1,999

In the 1900s, world economies started to focus on manufacturing. Factories, raw materials, mass production became dominant. In the 1980s, the world moved to a services economy. Many dominant companies in the manufacturing economy, like steel, coal, automobiles, and transportation, took a back seat as financial, legal, and IT services became dominant.

We are once again in transition. Since 2000, our economy has been shifting from an economy based on providing and managing services to one that offers experiences that matter to people. A new generation of dominant companies has emerged, like Apple, Tesla, Google, Facebook replacing the earlier dominant services companies.

The XLA Foundation course is a certified practitioner course that enables attendees to set up and plan an XLA project. It explains the history of XLAs and why they are essential building blocks for experience management. Attendees will learn to compose and propose an experience management project/program, and they will be familiarized with the Experience Optimization Framework and the scope of each program phase. Join us and take this first step to becoming a recognized authority in experience management!

Who Should Attend

This class is for everyone who wants to lead experience management projects.

  • Professionals tasked with scoping an experience management project
  • Understanding how to satisfy the wants and needs of employees, suppliers, or customers in terms of desired experience.
  • Professionals who need to establish the current experience landscape to identify potential XLAs.
  • Understand the role of technology supporting an effective XLA strategy.
  • How to create a team to implement, manage and improve the XLAs
  • Essential for teams and practitioners building XLA’s
  • Brings everyone along the journey together, not as a practitioner but as a supporting team.
  • The course helps attendees to enhance and extend their career possibilities. 

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Explore
    • Establishing the experience landscape
    • Q.S.T.A.C
    • Identifying experience indicators
    • The cat-and-mouse of sentiment analysis
  • Envision
    • Experience ambition
    • The staged experience
    • Bridging versus extending as a strategy
    • The XLA architecture
    • Mapping XLAs to the five economic values
    • The metrics of experience management compared to service management
    • Abstract laddering of employee experience
  • Enable
    • The role of technology
    • Configuring the building blocks of an XLA
    • The XRM (Experience Reference Matrix)
  • Execute
    • Communications strategy
    • The XMO (Experience Management Organization)
    • The Güngör model for XLA versus SLA comparison
    • The importance of dark sentiment
  • Embrace
    • The XLA ecosystem
    • The gravity to average performance
    • Experience parity