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Hear his inspiring message of evolution, transformation, and reinvention!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking.

What can the pop artist responsible for the fastest-selling hip hop album of all time teach us—an audience of support and service management professionals?

Turns out, plenty. To start, aside from being a musician, Van Winkle is also a home improvement TV star, real estate entrepreneur, extreme athlete, and philanthropist. But let’s face it, for decades we knew him only as “that white rapper who topped the charts with a ridiculously catchy earworm of a song.”

So needless to say, he knows a thing or two about the importance of evolving, re-invention, and transformation—personally and professionally. About breaking the mold and showing your value beyond the stereotypes and pigeon holes. About earning trust and respect as an outsider among peers and contemporaries. About being inspired to think bigger, change perceptions, and remain relevant in a changing industry and world.

That’s something we service and support pros can relate to.

That’s also why you don’t want to miss this very special Q&A keynote. Come hear about the “Vanilla Ice Ultimate Evolution” that took place after his meteoric rise to fame in the early 90s, the significant impact of his mega-hit DIY show, The Vanilla Ice Project, how he’s been able to take lessons learned from one career to thrive in another, and all the hits and bumps along the way.

Look, there’s no getting around the simple fact that it would be pretty cool to tell your family and friends you met the legendary Vanilla Ice at a work conference. But beyond that, the connection he’ll make and the parallels he’ll draw with our audience will leave you both humbled and empowered—ready to transform yourself, your team, and your entire service management operation.

Oh, and yes, he will be performing at the HDI Conference Party after his keynote.

Want to learn more about what we will be asking Vanilla Ice? Our own Director of Training and Content at HDI, Fancy Mills, will be asking all the questions in this informal Q&A keynote presentation. "Learn what she wants to know" about his path to evolution and transformation!

We look forward to hearing stories from Vanilla Ice at the HDI 2019 Conference & Expo, April 7-12 in Orlando. Registration is now open. We hope you can join us and take some time to...Stop! Collaborate, and listen...

View a special message from Vanilla Ice:

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