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Tuesday, April 9, 9:00 AM - 3:30PM

Price: $399

Arrive a day early and kick off your HDI Conference experience with a full-day workshop. Choose from Masterminds sessions for industry or role-specific sharing and networking, or take a deep dive into key challenges facing IT service and support professionals today.

New! Mastermind Workshops

Pre-9: MasterMinds: HigherEducation
Pre-10: MasterMinds: Healthcare
Pre-11: MasterMinds: Desktop Support
Pre-12: MasterMinds: Support Center Leadership

MasterMind: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose." – Napoleon Hill

Are you a technical support or service management leader who's looking for a unique opportunity to network, share, and learn from the experience of leaders who share your same pain points and challenges? MasterMinds is a place to bring your unique challenges, collaborate on innovative solutions, and gain long-term benefits from a new group of peers from your industry. MasterMinds unlocks the full value of an industry conference, helping you develop new skills and strategies to bring back to your workplace and put into use. Come to experience an open forum where you'll receive individualized advice, hear diverse perspectives, and build connections, relationships, and skills that will endure.

Topic Based Workshops

Pre-13: Security Fundamentals for the Support Center

Over the last few years, the cloud, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) have been steadily altering the support organization. In this workshop, Dr. James Stanger will avoid theoretical observations, "smart talk" definitions, and "what might happen" predictions. Instead, he will share detailed case studies that will illuminate the impact this emerging - or, rather, emerged - tech troika has already had.

How has practical cloud adoption changed how we operate the support organization? What does it mean to interact meaningfully with cloud service providers and services? What skills are necessary to work with 24x7 cybersecurity services and traditional cloud providers? How has automation already created significant changes at the help desk? Finally, what significant impact has AI made on support roles?

We've seen a "leftward shift" in the job roles and skills associated with the tech support function in today's organizations. Help desk workers are increasingly fulfilling more important niche work, including the protection of intellectual property, privacy, and more sophisticated ITSM concerns. Attend this workshop to learn more about how the changing landscape of roles and skills in the support organization will ensure its value for years to come.

Pre-14: Communicate with Impact: Elevate Yourself as a Leader

Although bright, brilliant, and even articulate, many technology professionals (including executives and upper-level management) struggle with communication—a skill that when lacking can diminish success and stifle a career. Improving one's communication skills is a step toward success in the organization, as well as a powerful addition to any professional's skillset.

Basic communication requires that information is shared between people; the content is seen/heard and understood. Unfortunately, many technically oriented professionals believe that saying or writing-and-sending something means that it has been communicated. Interestingly enough, personal and professional confidence--a trait associated with IT professionals--often exacerbates the problem. Very confident people, especially those who see things as black or white, don't seem to understand why they should adjust content that seems perfectly clear, logical, and even meticulously written. They often miss the fact that their intended message is obscure or void of meaning to their audience.

There are nuances to communication that help ensure that information is received, considered, and understood in the way that it was meant to be understood; that the message is compelling and has impact. Successful IT leaders must both know technology and know how to communicate with impact to build relationships, encourage action, and create results.

This workshop helps technology professionals (especially managers, directors, and executives) understand what it means to communicate with impact and gives participants actionable tips to improve their communications skills and enhance their success within any organization.

Pre-15: The Foundations of Relationship Agility

When the world of business whizzes by so fast and project speed must match operational capability, we need the know-how to knit together the various frameworks and skills. Not only to address technology change but also build in change resilience rather than manage change resistance. Breadth of capability provides flexibility in the hyperspace of change, where the activities of all roles are intersecting to maximize the value of business strategic outcomes.

Softs skills bring hard benefits. This workshop mixes techniques from various frameworks to ensure you hit the mark with the H2H (human2human) component required for successful projects. Participants will practice their framework mixology skills, incorporating the ABC of ICT, the 9 Guiding Principles of Practitioner, Values in Action, EI or AI or IQ, and more of the frameworks and best practices that guide all project and change interactions, from the C-level through to the frontline. Walk out of this workshop with greater confidence in your ability to adapt and innovate.

Learn about our multi-day certification based pre-conference training.

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