Session 703: Wow Your Customers, Don't Just Satisfy Them

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Session 703: Wow Your Customers, Don't Just Satisfy Them

Friday, August 7 at 9:00 AM

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Is your success measured by customer satisfaction surveys alone? If your scores are high, do you stick to the status quo? Does customer satisfaction equal a great customer experience? Would you like to take your service to the next level – to really wow your customers? Too often, we use numbers to measure our success and assess the customer experience. However, the customer experience goes beyond an interaction with a support person working a ticket, and it can't be measured by a scorecard alone.

The customer experience is based on the service itself, the customer's ability to complete work or use the service, the interactions with people in IT, which includes their customer service skills, consistency of service delivery, how well processes work and how well we set and exceed expectations – every time! To accomplish this, we need to first understand expectations and business requirements, then build a foundation on which we can continually grow. In this session, learn how to continually evolve your skills, processes, and the overall customer experience.

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Rae Ann Bruno


Business Solutions Training, INc.

Rae Ann Bruno is the President of Business Solutions Training, Inc (BST), an organization focused on training and consulting in various areas of ITIL, Knowledge-centered Service (KCS), Service Desk Improvement, Internal Marketing, Metrics and ITIL Process Improvement. Rae Ann was inducted into the HDI Hall of Fame in 2017 and was named one of Cherwell's IT Legends that same year. She holds several ITIL and HDI certifications and is a Business Associate for HDI ITIL and Support Center certification courses and consulting. She is a member of the HDI International Standards committee and is a frequent speaker at leadership and support conferences and the author of the HDI focus books, Translating IT Metrics into Business Benefits and What Have you Done for Me Lately? Creating an Internal Marketing Culture.