Knowledge is Key to Implementing a Successful BOT Strategy

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Knowledge is Key to Implementing a Successful BOT Strategy

Thursday, August 6 at 11:30 AM

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With all the hoopla about chatbots and the introduction of artificial intelligence as a means of providing services to our customers, Julie Mohr wanted to understand what AI was all about and what it took to develop an effective chatbot adoption strategy. After a few weeks of research, she decided to implement a chatbot on her own website, dedicated to knowledge management culture:

During the implementation of Sherlock – the knowledge bot about knowledge – Julie learned a great deal about chatbots and the effort it takes to create a conversational interface that can successfully support customers. An adoption strategy must first identify the required customer-facing knowledge to effectively program the bot. Based upon her experiences, she'll share tips and lessons learned about strategic chatbot strategies that you should consider before you jump into the world of bots.

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Julie Mohr

Author & International Keynote Speaker

Julie is a dynamic, engaging change agent who brings integrity and passion to everything. Through her books, articles, speaking, consulting, and teaching — her purpose is to change the world through thought-provoking dialog and interaction. Julie has a B.S. degree in computer science from The Ohio State University, a MaED from the University of Phoenix, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Management and Organizational Leadership in Information Systems & Technology from the University of Phoenix. She also is an ITIL Expert, Certified Help Desk Director, and Certified Governance IT Professional. Julie speaks at conferences worldwide on topics of leadership, business, knowledge management, service management, governance, organization development, process engineering, service level management, and continual improvement.