Session 406: The Executive View: The CIO's Perspective on IT Service Management

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Session 406: The Executive View: The CIO's Perspective on IT Service Management

Thursday, August 6 at 10:15 AM

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If you're like many senior IT leaders, you've come up through the ranks of IT. At every level, the vantage point and the associated thinking is increasingly abstract and more strategic. The mindset and skills that got you to this level aren't what you need to be successful in it.

Using IT Change Management as a backdrop, former CIO and IT Service Management author and international speaker Greg Sanker gives executive insights from the vantage point of tactical, operational, strategic and executive viewpoints. He offers practical been-there-done-that advice on providing the right leadership and strategic vision for effective IT operations.

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Greg Sanker

State of Oregon

Greg Sanker is an IT service management author, speaker, and practitioner with decades of global IT experience, ranging from a Fortune 10 tech giant to the public sector. An international speaker known for his practical been-there-done-that advice, Greg frequently blogs about excellence in service management on <a href="" style="outline: none;" data-mce-href="" data-mce-style="outline: none;"></a> and was recently named an Top 25 Thought Leader in Technical Support and Service Management by HDI.