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Dynamic thought leaders, that will have you entertained and inspired!
Expert and experienced, these headline speakers will heighten you and your team’s awareness around the pillars of success: organizational excellence, unflappable leadership, and a healthy, productive culture. You’ll bear witness to the power of coming together and the impact it can have on your career, your team, and your business.

The Third Door: How to Dream Bigger, Achieve Your Goals & Find Success

Tuesday | 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Alex Banayan will take you on an unprecedented adventure – from the private office of Bill Gates to a nightclub with Lady Gaga, from a star-studded party with Steven Spielberg to a massive stadium with Warren Buffett – to share the game-changing research behind his new book, The Third Door.In this dynamic keynote you’ll go behind the scenes of The Third Door’s pages and hear insights gleaned from exclusive one-on-one interviews with some of the world’s most successful people. Packed with practical business lessons and riveting anecdotes, this session will empower you to find The Third Door in your own work and life, and changing the way you achieve your goals.

Expectation & The Predetermined Outcome: A View Through the Blue

Wednesday | 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM

How can seeing the world through the Blue Man Group Creative Lenses help us to understand, and ultimately overcome, our own perceived limitations? In this highly-interactive keynote, Randall Jaynes, veteran Blue Man and Sr. Artistic Director of the Blue Man Group will describe their approach to creativity as illustrated by the six Blue Man character archetypes. Explore the creative and collaborative possibilities that arise when we move away from comfortable isolation into connectedness, and understand the ways in which letting go of ego opens up new ways of thinking and allows us to connect with others more authentically. The tools you learn will enable an invaluable new approach to addressing challenges, both personal and professional.

Using Hypnosis to Set Your GPS for Success (Your Great Programmable Subconscious)

Thursday | 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wayne Lee

For many of us, our minds are littered with detours, potholes, and accidents waiting to happen. Fear, self-doubt, lack of direction, inhibitions of all kinds – these beliefs reside in our subconscious and prevent us from reaching our conscious goals. But if you set your GPS -your Great Programmable Subconscious- for success, you can achieve anything while enjoying the ride of your life.
Through an unforgettable interactive hypnosis presentation, Wayne teaches you positive programming tools to optimize your performance at work and at home. He'll helps you access and harness the power of your subconscious mind to overcome the negative habitual thought patterns which block our productivity. Learn one specific strategy you can use immediately to overcome stress, change limiting beliefs and perform better, as well as a 10-week goal achievement program that will make the message last a lifetime.

Wayne Lee


Wayne&rsquo;s own journey to excellence has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for empowering people. From a childhood fascination with magic and visualization, Wayne&rsquo;s gift and passion for seeing great potential and acting on it has grown to international proportions: he one of North America&rsquo;s premier corporate presenters, a veteran of thousands of successful shows and presentations, a published author, and peak performance coach to professionals of all walks of life.<br /><br />