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Session 802: Why You Should Be Disrupting the Customer Journey

Friday, April 12 at 10:15 AM

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Have you ever gotten out of your office and taken the time to experience what it's like to work with your department or company as an internal or external customer? If you have, did you realize that you weren't delivering the customer experience you'd strategized or planned on? The reason customers often have bad experiences with companies is because the customer-facing processes are created from the company's perspective and not the customer's and companies often fall short in delivering value to the customer Therein lies the challenge: understanding your customer's needs and challenges across all touchpoints, so you can optimize their experience and allow them to realize the value proposition they expect.

Enter the customer journey map, a strategic tool used to define the experience you're delivering to your customer and provide you with the insight to disrupt and transform the journey to deliver customer success as your customer views it. In this session, attendees will learn about the critical aspects of a customer journey map and how to use it to:

• Understand the customer's multichannel support experience
• Gain insight into the challenges and barriers to success encountered at touchpoints and what is required to deliver value to the customer
• See a clear picture of what it's like to be the customer
• Identify and explore feedback and opportunities
• Create a reference point for strategy, insight, and action, providing both immediate and long-term value for your customer and the business
• Deliver customer success

Dennis Gershowitz

DG Associates

Dennis Gershowitz is principal of DG Associates, a consultancy that works with organizations to enhance their customer loyalty programs, achieve customer success, execute customer journey mapping and service design, develop improved tools for meeting customer expectations, and develop, define, or further their customer experience management strategies. An accomplished senior executive, Dennis has been recognized for his expertise in customer experience and loyalty, and for his leadership in aligning business and development strategy while transforming "good enough" operations into sustainable best-in-class winners. Dennis received his MBA from Case Western Reserve University and his Certificate in Advanced Management from Pace University's Lubin School of Business. He has also been honored with awards in services leadership, including Service Professional of the Year from AFSMI.