Session 801: Indifferent...Intrigued...Engaged!: Taking Employees from Zero to Hero

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Session 801: Indifferent...Intrigued...Engaged!: Taking Employees from Zero to Hero

Friday, August 7 at 10:15 AM

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Is your company performance throttling? Did your customer experience ratings just get a flat tire? Are you or some of your colleagues running out of gas or do they simply suffer from engine burn-out? If so, then you need an employee engagement pit stop! Attend this session and become part of the pit crew so you can zoom past your competition. You'll confidently drive away with several simple, yet critical repairs for taking your shop from zero to hero in no time flat, even during such unprecedented remote workforce transitions brought on by COVID-19

This session will cover:
• What really impacts employee engagement
• Six proven strategies for increasing employee engagement
• Tips and tricks for driving these key strategies

SupportWorld Live speaker photo for Garilynn-Wollard

Garilynn Wollard

Sr. Manager

Entertainment Partners

GariLynn was HDI Los Angeles' former President and is now VP of Social Media. She works as a Senior Program Manager for Entertainment Partner's Client Experience Team. Her current pet project involves designing and spearheading the company's NPS and Voice of the Customer Program. She also helped create EP's Technology Transformation Office and the ACTION! Team which were responsible for increasing employee engagement, improving client focus and increasing innovation time through highly productive, self-managed teams. She is a Customer Experience Expert and Information Technology Leader with over 15 years of coaching and mentoring people in fast paced environments. Her specialties include building strong relationships and collaborative teams in high-touch, agile environments. Not to mention, she has mad skills with identifying and streamlining inefficient processes and managing service desks and vendors. She holds a BA degree in Computer Science from the University of San Diego and decided to go the technical support route instead of the software engineering route. This gives her over 24 years total IT experience dedicated to improving customer service levels in any endeavor she pursues. She says, "Customer service is a way of life, not just a thing you try to do."