HDI Information Technology Conference 2018

Session 610: A Crash Course on Change Control: A Capabilities Approach

Thursday, April 11 at 4:00 PM

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In many organizations, changes represent the single largest source of unplanned outages and customer-impacting incidents. At the same time, support is increasingly criticized for its bureaucratic and slow review and approval processes. What's a practitioner to do?

In this session, Greg Sanker presents a capabilities approach to change control – focusing on the core capabilities needed, while shifting the focus to business outcomes rather than rigid processes. Learn all about:

• Focusing on outcomes, not the process
• The five core capabilities of modern change control
• Change control at the speed of business
• Making it work in the culture

Have a CAB stuck in the 90s? Is your organization adopting modern approaches like DevOps and Agile (and they should!), but your change management just can't keep up? This session will help get you unstuck!

Greg Sanker

Agency CIO
State of Oregon

Greg Sanker is an IT service management author, speaker, and practitioner with decades of global IT experience, ranging from a Fortune 10 tech giant to the public sector. An international speaker known for his practical been-there-done-that advice, Greg frequently blogs about excellence in service management on ITSMTransition.com and was recently named an Top 25 Thought Leader in Technical Support and Service Management by HDI. His book, IT Change Management: A Practitioner's Guide, was released in September 2017.