Session 601: Won't You Be My Leader?

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Session 601: Won't You Be My Leader?

Thursday, April 23 at 4:00 PM

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Managers are rarely properly trained for the responsibility of becoming a leader. True leadership is a never-ending experience of personal and professional evolution, and it doesn't happen overnight. Even when the desire to lead and help others exists, it can take years (decades, even) to develop a methodology that works for you. In this session, Tom Wilk will share some of his real-world experiences as a manager. He'll then dive into specific challenges, like having tough conversations with struggling team members and learn learning to keep it positive, helping create the professional "rock star" by harnessing their individuality, and helping employees advance by creating a unique career plan. Learn how to help individuals grow, no matter where they are now, and how to keep them engaged in their work, their team, and their career.

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Thomas Wilk

IT Manager

Carnegie Mellon University

Tom Wilk is the PC Engineering manager at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He has become a performance improvement leader helping employees find their way along their career path. Recently he has started mentoring others and consulting to help others become performance management leaders. Tom recently serves as the President of the Steel City Chapter in Pittsburgh after holding the VP of Programs for two years. Additionally he is the Committee Chair for National Sponsorship Programs for HDI Local Chapters Inc.