Session 308: There's Gold in the Sea: Capturing Value Through Business Intelligence

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Session 308: There's Gold in the Sea: Capturing Value Through Business Intelligence

Wednesday, August 5 at 11:30 AM

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Great businesses are built on good decisions. So how do service management professionals ensure they're making the right decisions? A large part of that is made easy by tracking and measuring the hidden nuggets of data found within the service.desk. Clearwater, a leading global provider of seafood, did just that by casting their net and pulling up pure gold.

Michealle Hanshaw will share how Clearwater struck gold in just three months, using real-time insights allowing them to drill down and resolve tickets 22% faster. She'll share:
• Life before business intelligence (BI) and just how much value was left on the table
• How to build a business case for BI
• Practical examples of demonstrating value with BI and analytics

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Michealle Hanshaw

Manager, Global Service Desk


Michelle has a high level of experience, diverse & transitional skills and abilities through many years in the Customer Care/Customer Experience field and has familiarity in a variety of industries with many well-respected companies. She is a strong asset to organizations, leading teams to achieve desired results while creating an environment where people want to work & advocate for the brand, one that nurtures them to learn and grow and is personally successful.<br /><br />

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Jade Kahn

VP of Marketing

<br /><br />