Session 510: Leaders Are Readers, Readers Are Leaders

Thursday, April 12 at 11:30 AM

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Senior leaders are required to simultaneously focus on increasing their valued contributions, developing and growing their organizations, and influencing the strategic direction of the organization. This facilitated "sit down and share book insights" session will focus on the importance of leaders following their moral compass, caring for their people, and always being authentic and open. Developing leadership talent in your organization should absolutely start with you and you should start here—let's get together and share our lessons in leadership.

Kirk Weisler

Chief Morale Officer
Team Dynamics, Inc.

Kirk Weisler is the chief morale officer at Team Dynamics. More than 25,000 leaders have sought out his advice in an effort to create a more positive and powerful workplace. Kirk has spent the last several years working with IT executives in government, educational, and private sectors to help them grow more inspirational leadership within themselves and their people.