HDI Information Technology Conference 2018

Session 508: Using Design Thinking to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

Thursday, April 11 at 11:30 AM

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"Design thinking" is more than just a buzzword. For leaders serious about next-level customer experience, applying design thinking principles the right way can open up the floodgate of ideas and bring creativity to your problem-solving process like never before.

Incredible customer experiences don't occur in nature; they must be designed. In this session, attendees will learn how leaders across the industry are using design thinking to create business-focused operations that prioritize customer experience. Be inspired by real stories from real companies you've actually heard of, explore the ideas that worked and the ideas that didn't, and leave with the confidence to apply these principles back home to completely transform the customer experience in such a way that everyone will take notice.

Ben Brennan

Author, IT Director

Ben Brennan is a former psychotherapist and a self-taught IT expert. He blended his knack for technology with his deep knowledge of interpersonal communication and business management to carve out an important new niche in IT. Ben has consulted for some of the country's leading tech firms, including Box, Yahoo!, Twitter, Jawbone, and AOL, and has shown them how great communication, clearly defined and measurable goals, and an irreverent sense of humor can revolutionize a company's IT department. Ben is the author of Badass IT Support, founder of QSTAC.com, and currently serves as IT director at Oath.