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Session 502: Elevating the Customer Experience by Simplifying the Feedback Process

Thursday, April 11 at 11:30 AM

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A survey that asks a lot of questions but results in no action isn't a successful survey. With that in mind, Verint Systems trimmed their customer feedback survey by over 80%, reducing it to just two questions. Updating the survey resulted in an increase in both survey completion and response rate, and the comments have provided rich, actionable intelligence that's being used to inform processes for internal and external follow-up. Customers commended us on the change, and some even indicated that they'd be following suit with their own transactional surveys.

In this session, attendees will learn about survey challenges, the process for creating a new survey, and the positive outcomes that can come from making a change. Walk away with a better understanding of several key principles:

  • CSAT surveys should be reviewed and refreshed on a regular basis
  • If you don't measure or take action on the results, don't ask the question
  • Simplifying your survey will improve your response rate
  • Customers want to be heard, so make it easy for them (without wasting their time)
  • Ensure you have a robust follow-up process (internal and external)
  • Put an overall process in place that drives continuous improvements

Lucia Caron

Director, Product Support
Verint Systems

Lucia Caron has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, focusing on product and technical support, operations analysis, due diligence, managing rapid technical change, process design and implementation, customer experience, and aligning IT solutions to corporate business needs. Lucia is a results-driven leader, applying effective and innovative management principles to improve technology support operations. Currently, she oversees product support teams at Verint Systems. Lucia received her PhD in management and organizational leadership, specializing in information systems and technology. She served four years on the HDI Desktop Advisory Board and has been a judge for the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. She's also volunteers her time in outreach programs for young people, programs related to education and technology, and advocacy programs for youth, women, and minorities.