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Session 501: Metrics Magic: Ask the Experts!

Thursday, April 11 at 11:30 AM

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Everyone has questions about metrics, but they don't always know where to go to get answers. This panel discussion, facilitated by three of the industry's leading experts on metrics, will be an open forum where attendees can get answers to all of their burning metrics questions.

  • What are averages and ranges for some of the industry's key KPIs?
  • What are some proven methods for tracking and trending performance over time?
  • What are some ways to identify strengths and weaknesses in support?
  • What are some ways to diagnose and understand the underlying drivers of performance gaps?
  • What actions yield long-term performance improvement?

Rae Ann Bruno, John Custy, and Jeff Rumburg will answer these and other questions, focusing on a range of concepts, such as the linkage between metrics and business outcomes, metrics and continuous improvement, the cause-and-effect relationship of KPIs, metrics and accountability, and metrics as a diagnostic tool for continuous improvement. Packed with valuable insight, this panel discussion will undoubtedly demonstrate the important business benefits that metrics can bring to any organization.

Jeff Rumburg

Managing Partner

MetricNet, LLC

Jeff Rumburg is the winner of the 2014 Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award. As cofounder and CEO of MetricNet, Jeff has been retained as an IT service and support expert by some of the world's largest corporations, including American Express, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, and IBM. He was formerly CEO of the Verity Group, where he syndicated the industry's first service desk benchmark. Jeff received his MBA from Harvard University. He has also authored A Hands-On Guide to Competitive Benchmarking: The Path to Continuous Quality and Productivity Improvement and taught graduate-level engineering and business courses.

Rae Ann Bruno

Owner, Business Solutions Training (and Consulting)

Business Solutions Training (and Consulting)

Rae Ann Bruno is the president of Business Solutions Training, Inc., where she consults and trains in various areas of ITIL, KCS, communications, internal marketing, metrics, and process improvement. Rae Ann holds several ITIL certifications, is a faculty trainer for HDI, and is the author of "Translating IT Metrics into Business Benefits" and "What Have You Done for Me Lately? Creating an Internal Marketing Culture." She is also a member of the HDI International Certification Standards Committee.

John Custy

Managing Consultant

JPC Group

John Custy is a services management authority with extensive experience helping organizations improve their services delivery, become more strategic, and increase value. He is an internationally known speaker and educator who challenges us to think differently. John received his MA from Boston University and his BS from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. In addition, he has earned his ITIL Manager, ITIL Expert, ISO 20000 Consultant, KCS Consultant, and Kepner-Tregoe (KT) certifications. He's also a member of the HDI Faculty and the HDI International Certification Standards Committee. John Custy is the 2015 recipient of the Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award and was also recognized as an IT Industry Legend by Cherwell Software.