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Session 304: Agile Service Delivery: Making Work Flow

Wednesday, April 10 at 3:00 PM

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With the dynamic changes happening in the industry, it's keep up or step aside. Agile is the answer. Agile service delivery methods free your support organization from the constraints of conventional service delivery. They allow your entire team to function with a high degree of autonomy. And they can be used to significant advantage, regardless of the service ticket system in place or the team size, with greater ROI for you and greater value to your clients. Once you go Agile, you'll never want to go back.

In this session, attendees will take a deep dive into four principles:

  1. Changing the way issues are assigned and managed, freeing up the schedule and team by allowing them to pull work from the queue as fast as they can execute on it.
  2. Limiting Work in Progress, cutting back on sprawl and drift.
  3. Leveraging coordination/dispatch roles to identify slowdowns in the process, from bottleneck in the system to rogue issues.
  4. Getting started with your Agile transition, including where to look for information, support, and guidance.

Manuel Palachuk

President and Head Coach
Manuel Palachuk International

Manuel Palachuk is the author of the book Getting to the Next Level: A Blueprint for Taking You and Your Business to the Top and the coauthor of The Network Migration Workbook, the definitive guide to zero downtime network migrations. He has more than 30 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries, including owning and managing successful IT and managed service provider companies. He's a well-known speaker and trainer at industry conferences, and he holds degrees in electrical engineering technology and automated manufacturing technology.