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Session 302: Boondoggle to Beneficial: Rethinking Customer Surveys

Wednesday, April 10 at 3:00 PM

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This session will inspire you to supercharge your customer survey and maximize the value of experience data. Witness how redesigning survey invitations can dramatically increase response rates, turn responses into actionable experience intelligence, transform your survey into an active part of your customer experience program, and make sense of results that look "just fine" on the surface. Go behind the scenes with the architect of Western Kentucky University's revitalized customer insights program and experience the new survey first-hand, deconstruct the purpose and meaning of each question, analyze actual survey responses, and explore the closed-loop process that promotes loyalty and advocacy.

Attendees will learn:

  • How different survey invitations affect response rates
  • How to use both industry standard and innovative new questions
  • How WKU's customer recovery team intervenes in negative and incomplete experiences to correct them
  • How to use reporting and incentives to gain stakeholder buy-in

Andrew Gilliam

ITS Service Desk Consultant
Western Kentucky University

Andrew Gilliam is an ITS service desk consultant for Western Kentucky University, where he and his teammates are the single point of contact for all IT services. Andrew has championed many employee and customer experience initiatives, including revitalizing customer surveys, developing an employee portal, and devising a novel method for breaking through silos to reduce customer effort.