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Session 301: "As You Wish": Enabling the Power of Story with Your Data

Wednesday, April 10 at 3:00 PM

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Are you tired of retelling the same story you thought your KPIs explained already? Do you find yourself getting questions about your dashboards, or are wondering what visualization best practices produce the biggest impact? If so, this session is for you. Come to learn the power of telling stories with your data. Get tips on dashboard design, visual best practices, and how to present so that your audience not only remember what they were told, but why it matters. Attendees will walk away with a more complete understanding of three basic principles:

  1. Designing effective dashboards is a science, but one that can be learned.
  2. People remember stories more than disparate facts.
  3. Understanding how to design #1 and incorporate #2 is what will make your analytics and reporting more effective

Adam Rauh

Associate Sales Consultant

Adam Rauh has been working in IT since 2005. Currently in the data analytics space, he spent over a decade working in IT operations focusing on data analytics, security, leadership, and infrastructure support. He is passionate about data, operations, process frameworks, and methodologies. He has spoken at, contributed to, or authored articles for a number of conferences, seminars, and user-groups across the US on a variety of subjects related to IT, data analytics, and public policy.