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Session 210: Taking Support to the Next Level: Communication, Collaboration, Coordination

Wednesday, April 10 at 11:30 AM

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As our industry transforms and matures, last century standards for cross-team communication become less and less efficient. And in today's digital world, the tiniest technical glitch can have huge consequences—requiring swift and flawless communication. Whether it's a datacenter outage, a cyber-attack, an application failure, or a manmade issue, they're all critical events which support centers need to identify, categorize, and help coordinate cross-functional teams for timely restoration.
Today, there's an area where the role of the service desk continues to become more and more strategic when it comes to communication: Incident Response. So when things go wrong with IT, will you be prepared to manage critical events? Are people engaging? Are you using the right tools? Are you meeting your SLAs and complying with regulations?
In this session, Vincent Geffray explore the challenges faced by modern team structures when it comes to interrupted or complex coordination during unexpected IT downtime events.

What You'll Learn
- The challenges around communication, collaboration, and coordination
- Why not all incidents are equally important
- How automation can help
- Solutions, ideas, and takeaways for critical incident response

Vincent Geffray

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Vincent Geffray is a senior director of product marketing at Everbridge, focusing on IT service alerting and Incident Response automation. He's an engineer by training with more than seventeen years of experience in the IT operations and service management space, with expertise in critical communications, IT service alerting, application performance management, and IT process, runbook, and workload automation. He has an international background as he worked in Europe as well.