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Session 202: Oh, You Meant That?: Setting and Managing Expectations

Wednesday, April 10 at 11:30 AM

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As service providers, one of the biggest challenges we face is in setting and then managing our customers' expectations. When delivery fails to meet expectations, customers can become frustrated and angry, leading to
strained relationships, eroded trust, escalating demands, calls for discounts or penalty payments or even contract cancellation. And it doesn't stop with customers! What about our suppliers, end-users and even our own colleagues?

Without properly set expectations, customers and colleagues may have an unrealistic view of what should be delivered and how. Poorly managed expectations can result in confusion over who is supposed to do what, how provider and customer should behave, and what a successful outcome would look like. So what can be done? In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • The nature and sources of expectations, both real and perceived
  • Techniques for discovering customer expectations and assumptions
  • The difference between assumptions and contracted commitments
  • The importance of being explicit
  • The principle of mutually beneficial relationships

Lou Hunnebeck

Prinicipal Advisor
DXC Fruition

An ITIL Expert with more than 30 years of experience in service industries, Lou Hunnebeck is a principal advisor at DXC Fruition. Her passion for improving how we do what we do has led her to ITSM from a background of process, training and systems consulting. Devoted to advancing the art and practice of ITSM, Lou served as the author of the ITIL 2011 Service Design publication, and as a member of the Architect Team and as an author for the ITIL Practitioner Guidance publication. She is currently on the Senior Examination Panel for ITIL, serves on the Lead Architect Team for the current ITIL4 update, and speaks regularly at industry meetings to spread the message of ITSM.