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Session 103: Creating a Positive Culture: The View from the C-Suite

Wednesday, April 10 at 10:15 AM

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Creating a safe environment where every employee is able to thrive is a leader's most important job. In this session, learn how Temple University's CIO has purposefully driven this type of culture, with impressive results, including a significant degrease in ticket volume and a significant increase in major project successes. More than 200 IT leaders have been trained in "A Wiser Way," learning how to lead and live more purposefully and powerfully. Attend this session to find your way.

Cindy Leavitt

CIO and VP, Information Technology
Temple University

Cindy Leavitt is the CIO and VP of Information Technology at Temple University. At Temple, she's responsible for planning and implementing technology initiatives and overseeing key IT units, including the help desk, university-wide end-user support services, academic computing, and more. Her thirty years of experience span all aspects of IT, including strategic planning, project management, system design, operations, and application development. Cindy is passionate about creating empowered and innovative teams, and she is committed to being an authentic and positive leader who practices what she preaches and leads by example. Cindy received her MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.