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Pre-15: The Foundations of Relationship Agility

Tuesday, April 9 at 9:00 AM

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When the world of business whizzes by so fast and project speed must match operational capability, we need the know-how to knit together the various frameworks and skills. Not only to address technology change but also build in change resilience rather than manage change resistance. Breadth of capability provides flexibility in the hyperspace of change, where the activities of all roles are intersecting to maximize the value of business strategic outcomes.

Softs skills bring hard benefits. This workshop mixes techniques from various frameworks to ensure you hit the mark with the H2H (human2human) component required for successful projects. Participants will practice their framework mixology skills, incorporating the ABC of ICT, the Guiding Principles of ITIL, Values in Action, Emotional Intelligence, and more of the frameworks and best practices that guide all project and change interactions, from the C-Level through to the frontline. Walk out of this workshop with greater confidence in your ability to adapt and innovate.

Simone Moore

Senior Consultant & Master Trainer


Thought-provoking and relevant, Simone Jo Moore is a service management mixologist who probes the hearts and minds of what makes businesses and IT tick, jumpstarting people's thinking to evolve behavior and actions at any level. People connected, knowledge shared, possibilities discovered and potential realized are her active values. Simone is a senior consultant, master trainer, course author, podcast co-host, and framework mentor (ITIL, DevOps,Agile, VeriSM, KCS, SFIA and others), Simone combines these skills with a background in HR and organizational change to create and share deep leadership experience with her clients, at global conferences and across social media.