Expectation & The Predetermined Outcome: A View Through the Blue

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Expectation & The Predetermined Outcome: A View Through the Blue

Wednesday, August 5 at 8:30 AM

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How can seeing the world through the Blue Man Group Creative Lenses help us to understand, and ultimately overcome, our own perceived limitations? In this highly-interactive keynote, Randall Jaynes, veteran Blue Man and Sr. Artistic Director of the Blue Man Group will describe their approach to creativity as illustrated by the six Blue Man character archetypes. Explore the creative and collaborative possibilities that arise when we move away from comfortable isolation into connectedness, and understand the ways in which letting go of ego opens up new ways of thinking and allows us to connect with others more authentically. The tools you learn will enable an invaluable new approach to addressing challenges, both personal and professional.

See what Randall has to say about his keynote.

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Randall Jaynes


Randall Jaynes is the Senior Artistic Director and a veteran Blue Man with the internationally acclaimed Blue Man Group. He trained for ten years in Grotowski-based intensive physical theatre before receiving a graduate degree from the American Repertory Theatre Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University. His original character-based solo shows employ dynamic physicality and explore the precarious psychology between fact and fable. Randall’s most recent production “Billy Nijinsky”, a tale of the dangerous relationship between the everyman and the idealized self, won Best Production at the NYC International Fringe Festival. Randall holds a black belt in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.