Session 802: Live Chat and Email Support: Using Performance Management to Measure Success

Friday, April 13 at 10:15 AM

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Is the customer always right? Irrelevant! Our sole mission in the service industry is to make the customer happy and successful—so, how do we accomplish this? By building a balanced and satisfied support team that provides assistance to an organization through a value-driven model. This session will show you how one organization has accomplished this with a 4,500:1 customer-to-agent ratio, using predominantly live chat and emails as its platform. Learn about which metrics and tools you should be using to empower your team while focusing on customer success and satisfaction, and discover how to continuously improve cultural and technical onboarding, training, and the year-round performance feedback process.

Andrea Silas

VP, Technical Support

As VP of Technical Support at DreamHost, a web hosting company, Andrea's main focus is providing 24/7 support through various channels including email, Live Chat, and social media. Through evolutionary restructuring, Andrea has created a Professional Services group and a Social Support team to handle an increasingly connected and technical customer base. Under her direction, DreamHost is constantly recognized for its forward thinking-approach to providing cross-channel support.