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$1000 Giveaway!

Collect Points, and Enter to Win!

We’re giving away $1,000 to one lucky attendee. To be eligible, earn 500+ points before 5PM Eastern on Wednesday, August 12 from engaging with our sponsors and attendees in the following ways:

100 points:

  • Have a meeting with an exhibitor/sponsor through the platform
  • Participate in Speed Networking
  • Attend a Solutions Spotlight session
  • Bookmark Passport to Prizes

50 points:

  • Download an asset from a sponsor
  • Attend a 15-minute Sponsored Demo
  • Participate in a Chat with a sponsor
  • Participate in a Virtual Happy Hour

25 points

  • Bookmark an exhibitor product
  • Attend a Keynote

5 Points

  • Per connection made w/ attendee or exhibitor


Click here for full contest rules. The winner will be notified directly on Thursday, August 13. Good luck!