Session 704: Defining "Good" for IT Ecosystem Event Monitoring

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Session 704: Defining "Good" for IT Ecosystem Event Monitoring

Friday, August 7 at 9:00 AM

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Where event monitoring once focused on the syslog messages of the organization's dominant system, proactive event management today is more likely to require an understanding of how distributed systems on multiple clouds environments interact. Messages related to single point failures are almost insignificant and the overall picture can be very difficult to evaluate. By necessity, management often relies on indicator systems rather than an actual comprehensive picture.

What if a reimagining of the information, the application of some statistics, and a relatively small database could result in a system that gave an actual data driven view of an organization's IT ecosystem: currently, historically, and perhaps even prospectively? This presentation will take a fresh look at event management, and how to build the monitoring system that today's environment requires, using stories from exploration and the sciences.

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Jay Nesselroad

Monitoring Strategy Analyst


Jay Nesselroad Starting on Apple 2's, a Vic-20 and some mini computer basic, I have been working in this industry since before the A+ certification existed. Over all, I have over 20 years of professional experience in IT with roles including technician, help desk analyst, system operator, programmer, system manager, project manager, and IT analyst. Not necessarily in that order. I currently function as the Monitoring Strategy Analyst for the Global Technical Service Center at Worldpay based in Cincinnati Ohio.