Pre-16: One-day Workshop: Core Motive: Your Superpower for Decoding Human Potential!

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Pre-16: One-day Workshop: Core Motive: Your Superpower for Decoding Human Potential!

Tuesday, August 4 at 9:00 AM

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Never before has communication and leadership effectiveness had such a direct impact on our organization's performance. We live in a world where time is money and results. Imagine if you could figure out why people do what they do—and get them to do more of what you want and need them to do. Wouldn't that take half the stress out of your day?

Core Motive is a psychometric that measures "why we do what we do" and is the foundation of emotional intelligence (EQ). Your Core Motive is as intrinsic as the color of your eyes. And you can learn your Core Motive and others' easily. Leaders who understand and apply the strategies of Core Motive:
• Communicate more effectively
• Build better quality relationships
• Provoke better, faster results
• Reduce conflict
• Foster autonomy and empowerment
• Promote increased collaboration
Attend this workshop to learn about your Core Motive and learn how to assess your people's Core Motive to improve communication, collaboration, and performance.

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Glynis Devine

Success Strategist

Glynis E. Devine

Glynis E. Devine works with leaders who want to squeeze the BEST out of life so they can have MORE - more time, more balance, more joy, & more fun! When leaders have more - so do the organizations they serve! Glynis is a Purpose expert certified in Core Motive, who equips professionals with tips, tools, and strategies to: improve your communication Increase your collaboration reduce your level of conflict build better quality relationships  lead positive change  provoke better, faster results  foster autonomy and empowerment  increase your people's level of engagement shift mindsets Glynis shares wisdom she gleaned from 25 years leading a top sales team as a Senior Director. She, was recognized top 5 of 30,000 sales professionals sold 1/2 million dollars' worth of lipstick has led 650 sessions, in French & English, on Leadership, Communications and Core Motive. trains female high potentials in Saudi Arabia as part of Vision 2030 chairs the CAPS Ethics Committee leads Your Soul Journey, a women's empowerment retreat, in Greece By applying the skills from any of her leadership development programs, you'll enjoy more… more time, more balance, more joy, & more fun!