Support Center Optimization

This track dives into the concepts and best practices that promote process improvement and operational efficiency and effectiveness, all of which are critical to support center optimization. Learn from others' experiences with implementing new services, facilitating process adoption, and keeping pace with emerging trends. Gain insights from industry experts on how to optimize day-to-day operations and implement new strategies, while keeping a focus on quality assurance and continuous service improvement.


Track Chair

Melissa Jackman

Help Desk Manager, Duquesne University

Melissa Jackman has more than 20 years of experience in managing and motivating support teams in blended internal/external support environments. As help desk manager at Duquesne University, she is currently responsible for a team that supports approximately 15,000 users, and she's passionate about leadership and building and developing strong teams and individuals. Melissa currently serves as the VP of Vendor Management for the HDI Steel City local chapter, and she received her MA in leadership from Duquesne University.