Session 702: When, Not If: Lessons in Cyber-Security

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Session 702: When, Not If: Lessons in Cyber-Security

Friday, August 7 at 9:00 AM

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Cybersecurity isn't something you do; it's something that must become part of your organization's DNA. Bad actors probe, evolve, and learn; they're creative, agile, and persistent. Home Depot, Sony, Target, and others were home to advanced threats (in the case of Sony, for at least a year) before they were discovered. It's not a matter of if your organizational will become a target, it's a matter of when! You can't totally prevent a breach, but you can learn from the experiences of others and lower your risk.

In this presentation David will review:
• Well-known breaches, one lesser-known breach, and a chilling example of bad-actor creativity
• The cybersecurity controls that would have helped mitigate these breaches
• How you can develop your own cybersecurity program that works and evolves to meet both external and internal threats

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David Moskowitz

Executive Director

Creative Disruptions LLC

David started his formal career as an operating systems programmer and systems architect which required that he look at not just the code he had written, but also how the resulting operating system might impact the applications that would run on the computer. Later, while serving in the US Army he was tasked to apply that approach to looking at different forms of systems and complexity regarding where & how US Forces were engaged. This required working within the integration of the staff functions (personnel, intelligence, operations, logistics and later civilian-military operations & planning). After his military service, he continued to apply a systems approach to his job and later as a consultant. He is recognized (and certified) as an ITIL Expert applying the approach that ITSM represents a management system. Since mid-2018 he has worked with clients to assist them to integrate their ITSM activities with the critical need to include better cybersecurity hygiene. Every organization thought they had a good cybersecurity program until they realized they'd been attacked or penetrated and missed it until long after the cybersecurity incident. As a result, he designed and build a course to address the need for organizations to develop a cybersecurity program that works and evolves to meet the rapidly changing threat landscape.