Session 610: Measuring the Quality of Desktop Support

Thursday, April 12 at 4:00 PM

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This interactive session will engage managers and supervisors to think about different ways and means to measure the quality of their desktop support staff. Join us for some productive brainstorming and discover a surprising metric that's rarely factored into the customer experience. You'll walk away with a firm understanding of what customers actually want from your support team, a clear-cut way to define important KPIs and metrics, and specific ideas to improve your ability to measure the quality of your team and their interactions with the customer.

Deborah Monroe

Ignite Achievements Int'l

Deborah Monroe is one of eighteen Master EQ practitioners in the world, through the Global EQ Community of 6 Seconds. She's also an associate with the Institute for Organizational Performance and an HDI business associate. Working with all levels of executive leadership, management, and individual contributors, Deborah concentrates on integrating humans and process to create a balanced working environment. Her aim is to build understanding and empathy, creating a positive bottom line through employee and customer retention.