HDI Information Technology Conference 2018

Session 605: In and Out: Lessons Learned Using Rightsourcing

Thursday, April 11 at 4:00 PM

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When it comes to sourcing models, support centers have traditionally opted for either insourcing or outsourcing as their primary sourcing model. Reversing the process can be a challenge; blending the models can be a solution. Both sourcing models can bring benefits to the business; rightsourcing can be used to drive quality, lower cost, and ensure the right talent is available to support the business's goals. Attend this session to hear from an organization that's two years into its rightsourcing initiative and has found a very successful support model that supports its business objectives. Learn how your organization can:

Mitch Bryant

IS Operations Support Manager
Norton Healthcare

Mitch Bryant is the IS Operations Support Manager for Norton Healthcare in Louisville, KY. In this role, Mitch manages the Support Center Services teams as well as the Telephone Operators Support team. He has spent years managing support center involvement to meet the needs of growing organizations, and his support team has been awarded the HDI Pinnacle of Excellence for the last two years in a row. Mitch is an HDI Certified Instructor and certified HDI Support Center Manager; he also holds certificates in ITIL and KCS. He is the author of two HDI Focus Books: "Bridging the Gap to Your Customer" and "How to Handle Customer Complaints."