Session 508: Customer Journey Mapping: Put the Customer at the Center of Support

Thursday, April 12 at 11:30 AM

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Through the use of customer journey maps, IT support teams are becoming increasingly aware of the actual customer experience. Understanding the true impact on the customer journey is now standard process when upgrading or deploying new applications. So, who better to tell us how to create an enlightening customer experience than Coca-Cola? In this case study session, you'll discover how the customer experience has moved to the forefront of all support processes at Coca-Cola, and detail the measurable benefits you can achieve when you take a more customer-centric approach to IT support.

Miranda Reshaw

Process and Improvement Manager

Miranda Reshaw is the process improvement manager at the Coca-Cola global support center. During her tenure she's led the support transition to the Coca-Cola service desk for 200+ application deployments, upgrades, and migrations. In addition, she managed and oversaw 60+ process improvement projects and initiatives. In 2016, she was named one of "Coca-Cola's Corporate Women of Achievement" and in 2017 she became the VP of ambassadorship for Coca-Cola women's LINC.