Session 507: Managing and Sourcing Strategic Vendor Relationships Roundtable (Two-Hour Session)

Thursday, April 12 at 11:30 AM

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There comes a time in all outsourced service relationships when your current service provider is simply not fulfilling the needs of your organization and it's time to move on. This two-part session will highlight eight best—and seven worst— practices established over multiple service sourcing and transition initiatives. You'll also participate in a roundtable session to extract the collective wisdom of the group and answer seven critical questions related to strategic sourcing. Using the power of learning from your executive peers, you'll leave with a handout documenting your collaborative strategies and best practices to ensure you execute strategic service sourcing right.

Dan Wilson

Senior Director, End User Computing

Dan Wilson is a 19-year industry veteran with experience managing and directing IT infrastructure and support organizations. He has worked in small business, higher education, and international corporations. Dan received his MBA from the University of Michigan, and he's a proud husband, father, coach, volunteer, and Ironman triathlete.

Allyson Rollins

Program Manager

Allyson Rollins is Program Manager for HDI Leadership Forums. She has more than 15 years of experience as a professional facilitator and is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment that supports learning. She has a wide range of experience, having worked in several industries from manufacturing to hospitality. Allyson has worked with all organizational levels to create, promote, and deliver solutions designed to meet the strategic needs of the organization. Prior to HDI, Allyson served at several organizations designing and delivering successful programs in development, team building, customer service, sales, and performance management. . Her strengths include facilitation, organization, and service. Allyson's professional, lighthearted approach has earned her high evaluation marks.