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Session 507: Making AI Work for You: A Strategic Artificial Intelligence Implementation Roadmap

Thursday, April 11 at 11:30 AM

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Chatbots and virtual assistants are already playing a significant role in many business functions. The challenge is in implementing artificial intelligence in a way that ensures success.

No matter which AI platform you use, it's important to feed the algorithm with new data so it can "learn" to operate effectively. In our implementations, we place Lead Technology Experts (LTEs) to manage the AI and provide real-time data updates based on many factors within our data sets. These continuous, live updates to the bots have proven critical in increasing successful response rates, increasing end-user customer experiences, and reducing overall operational costs.

Implementation Steps Covered:
-Define Scope and Applicability
-Identify the Opportunities for an AI-Based Chatbot
-Develop Scripts or Partner with an AI Expert
-Define the Triage Process
-Enter the Production Stage
-Evaluate and Optimize Your Bot Regularly
-Announce One Feature at a Time and Keep Up with Trends

We can guide you through the process following a clear, 12-step roadmap for Service Desk AI Implementation.

Charlie Guerini

Senior Director of Global Operations


Charlie Guerini, senior director of global operations for Alphanumeric, is passionate about both his love of countries and cultures across the globe and his dedication to innovation—namely artificial intelligence. It is no wonder why Alphanumeric selected Charlie to drive global intelligent automation strategy. Charlie's track record includes multi-national operations strategy and execution, service desk operations, and site management for the likes of .idea, CIBC, and Citi. Charlie studied international business at Champlain Regional College in Quebec. He believes the key to success is trusting and learning from your employees, because they will take care of your customers. Outside of work, Charlie loves to explore nature and run along the Portugal coast line.