5-Star Leaders, or the Leaders Who Changed Our Lives

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5-Star Leaders, or the Leaders Who Changed Our Lives

Thursday, August 6 at 10:15 AM

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In this immersive session, participants will engage in a powerful reflective exercise designed to evoke clear and specific attributes of the leaders who most inspired us and who we most aspire to emulate. You'll leave with a fresh take on accountability as a trust-building tool. You'll leave knowng how to be more intentional and deliberate in your daily journey. You'll leave feeling fantistc. And you'll leave 100% able to recreate this experience with your teams!

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Kirk Weisler

Chief Morale Officer


Chief Morale Officer Kirk Weisler is an expert at creating outrageously cool workplace cultures and high performance teams. Over the past 19 years over 50,000 Leaders from organizations including Delta, MAYO Clinic, Johns Hopkins, YUM Brands, Bausch & Lomb, General Mills, Coca Cola, have specifically sought Kirk's advice and wisdom on building teams, strengthening leaders and improving culture. His unique background as a US Army Ranger, a member of the 19th Special Forces Chaplaincy, his work with At-Risk Youth and experience as a Master Storyteller & Team Builder make him a very fun, engaging, and sought after speaker. He authored the Best Smelling book, The Dog Poop Initiative and the semi –sweet best smeller, "The Cookie Thief. Kirk lives in Phoenix AZ with "Wonderful wife Rebecca and their six remarkable children."