Session 307: The Business of Chatbots: Creating Customer Service and Reducing Costs

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Session 307: The Business of Chatbots: Creating Customer Service and Reducing Costs

Wednesday, August 5 at 3:00 PM

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Chatbots are the subject of a lot of hype when it comes to changing the nature of customer service, whether those customers are internal or external. They scale (functionally) infinitely, up or down or sideways. They cannot be victims of social engineering. They do not call in sick. They do not get embarrassed, they do not lash out at your customers. So…why aren't they more commonplace? Jamie Vernon, an IT executive with over 10 years in the customer care technology space, will walk you through the potential and the pitfalls of using chatbots for customer care. He's going to share some tales of how chatbots launch well, and why some launched poorly. Armed with his roadmap on how to implement this technology for your own organization, you'll be better equipped to address the questions and concerns from your stakeholders. Learn about:
• The business drivers and potential benefits of chatbots
• The relative costs involved in creating and launching a chatbot
• How to know whether your organization is ready for chatbots
• Technology and skillsets required
• Customer expectations of chatbots
• How chatbots are different from chat

Our panelists will share their chatbot, provide an overview of outcomes and customer reactions (so far), and take a look ahead to the next evolution of chatbots.

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James Vernon

Global VP, IT Professional Services


<p>Jamie Vernon has held a variety of IT roles over the last 20 years, including end user support, database administration, infrastructure, application development, and project management across in healthcare, telecommunications, mining, and energy. At STARTEK, Jamie has been tasked with helping customers adopt advanced technology in their pursuit of strategic improvement of their customer care; his leadership has resulted in 14 straight quarters of 99.999% IT service uptime, along with responsibility for initiatives related to chatbots, robotic process automation, omnichannel, workforce management, and <span style="font-size: 10pt;" data-mce-style="font-size: 10pt;">more.</span><br></p>