Session 108: Beyond World-Class: What to Do After You've Achieved Best-in-Industry Support

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Session 108: Beyond World-Class: What to Do After You've Achieved Best-in-Industry Support

Wednesday, August 5 at 10:15 AM

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You started out with a clear vision: to become a truly world-class organization. You measured the right things, hired the right people, cultivated the right culture, and achieved everything you set out to do as a support organization. What happens next? How do you keep the same excitement, momentum, and energy? Whether you've reached the peak, or need some inspiration and guidance to get there, Ben Brennan will explain how you can raise the bar even higher than world-class support by expanding your sphere of influence beyond the service desk to other organizations in the company, sharing the culture and mindset that got you to this highest echelon. It's not often the service desk team leads a cultural revolution in the whole organization—but when it happens, it's awesome!

Come join Ben and learn what happens after world-class.

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Ben Brennan

Senior IT Director & Author

Verizon Media

Ben Brennan is the author of Badass IT Support, Founder and CEO of QSTAC, and inventor of the QSTAC® metric for IT Customer Experience. Ben doesn't just throw around the term "World Class Support", he invented a tool to define, measure and deliver it at some of the country's leading tech firms, including Twitter, Yahoo, Box, Jawbone, and most recently as Senior IT Director for Verizon Media. Ben has earned a reputation for bringing a "mind-blowing" customer centricity to the heart of the IT culture at companies worldwide. Brennan has been named by HDI as a Top 25 Thought Leader and Featured Contributor for 2020.