Changing Change: The Importance of Holistic Process Improvement

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Changing Change: The Importance of Holistic Process Improvement

Wednesday, August 5 at 4:00 PM

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Change management can be a divisive process. Instead of enabling more effective operations and support, it becomes an iron hand of compliance on the neck of flexible, innovative improvement. Instead of speeding things up, it often slows things down.
When our team was faced with significant change management issue – a process we didn't own – we instead created a holistic process improvement model that allowed us to manage the processes we controled that impacted change management. During this year-long process, we tripled the average number of changes we handled while reducing the time it took to implement changes by two-thirds!

This case study will cover:
• One analytical technique that helped us figure out what we needed to do
• The concept of integrated process models and how improvements in one process can have a great impact on other processes
• How to implement procedural improvements without significantly modifying the governing process ("Changing Change Without Changing Change!")

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Paul Fordiani

Senior Consultant

Acuity, Inc

Paul Fordiani, CGEIT, is an IT Service Management consultant and Continual Service Improvement professional. He began as a simulation designer and database administrator, and thankfully progressed into a process improvement and compliance auditor. He has been part of many ITSM implementation efforts, as well as several successful ISO 9000 and ISO 20000 certification efforts. He was part of the United States Technical Advisory Group's review of ISO 20000-1:2011. He was an author of the Defense Enterprise Service Management Framework. He has extensive experience in improving operational performance in the Federal domain. He is a retired rugby player and referee, and is an excellent cook.