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Session 209: The Emerging Tech Hat Trick: Changes at the Help Desk

Wednesday, April 10 at 11:30 AM

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Over the last few years, the cloud, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) have been steadily altering the support organization. In this workshop, Dr. James Stanger will avoid theoretical observations, "smart talk" definitions, and "what might happen" predictions. Instead, he will share detailed case studies that will illuminate the impact this emerging - or, rather, emerged - tech troika has already had.

How has practical cloud adoption changed how we operate the support organization?
What does it mean to interact meaningfully with cloud service providers and services?
What skills are necessary to work with 24x7 cybersecurity services and traditional cloud providers?
How has automation already created significant changes at the help desk?
Finally, what significant impact has AI had on support roles?
We've seen a "leftward shift" in the job roles and skills associated with the tech support function in today's organizations. Help desk workers are increasingly fulfilling more important niche work, including the protection of intellectual property, privacy, and more sophisticated ITSM concerns. Attend this workshop to learn more about how the changing landscape of roles and skills in the support organization will ensure its value for years to come.

James Stanger

Chief Technology Evangelist


Dr. James Stanger has consulted with corporations, governments, and learning institutions worldwide about security, ITSM, help desk management, open source, network administration for over 20 years. The organizations James has consulted with include IBM, NTT Japan, Symantec, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), the US Department of Defense (DoD), the United Arab Emirates Cultural Division, the US Department of State, Mesei University, and General Dynamics. An award-winning author, blogger, and technologist, he's developed IT education programs used around the world. James currently works as chief technology evangelist at CompTIA, the world's largest tech industry association.