Session 206: 5 Steps to Effective, Engaging, and Authentic Leadership

Wednesday, April 11 at 11:30 AM

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Authenticity in the workplace can create distinction for leaders. But what is authentic leadership and why is it so important? During this session, we'll discuss the tenants of authentic leadership and help you develop better insight to your skills as a leader, manager, and team player. You'll also learn about some of the fallacies of authenticity. Join us in the highly-engaging, fun, and introspective journey of how to become the respected, authentic leader your service and support team needs.

Julie Mohr

Speaker & Author

Julie Mohr is a dynamic, engaging change agent who brings integrity and passion to everything she does. Through her books, articles, speaking, consulting, and teaching—her purpose is to change the world through thought-provoking dialog and interaction. Julie speaks at conferences worldwide on topics of leadership, business, knowledge management, service management, governance, organization development, process engineering, service level management, and continual improvement.