HDI Information Technology Conference 2018

Session 205: Radical Success: Managing Service and Support as a Business

Wednesday, April 10 at 11:30 AM

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Most service and support professionals are familiar with the operational metrics of the industry. KPIs such as cost per ticket, first contact resolution rate, and customer satisfaction are well understood and almost universally applied. Yet even service and support centers that have mastered these metrics and achieved a degree operational success often struggle to gain visibility and credibility within their own enterprises. The all-to-common result is that service and support centers operate at a subsistence level.

The business world offers a potential solution to this dilemma. When a business isn't performing well, investments dry up because there's no reasonable expectation of earning a profit. By contrast, businesses that are profitable receive adequate funding because they can attract investment capital seeking a positive return. So, what would happen if IT support operated more like a business, and could attract funding and other resources based upon their profitability? In this session, attendees will learn about:

Jeff Rumburg

Managing Partner
MetricNet, LLC

Jeff Rumburg is the winner of the 2014 Ron Muns Lifetime Achievement Award. As cofounder and CEO of MetricNet, Jeff has been retained as an IT service and support expert by some of the world's largest corporations, including American Express, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, and IBM. He was formerly CEO of the Verity Group, where he syndicated the industry's first service desk benchmark. Jeff received his MBA from Harvard University. He has also authored A Hands-On Guide to Competitive Benchmarking: The Path to Continuous Quality and Productivity Improvement and taught graduate-level engineering and business courses.