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Session 101: Your Metrics Are Talking to You...But Are You Listening?

Wednesday, April 10 at 10:15 AM

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With today's sophisticated technology, we can gather measures and metrics on virtually any aspect of the support center. Contacts are counted, handle times are tracked, issues are categorized, and average time to resolve is calculated. At the end each day, week, or month, we have an enormous batch of information. We bundle it and pass it up to our management, often without analysis or comment. Sometimes a business unit director contacts our management with a specific complaint about how long their people are waiting for responses or resolutions, and we are told to focus on that until the next specific issue is raised, and our priorities change again.

By understanding the relationships between our metrics, we can begin to see how the actions of the support center create ripples of change, sometimes in unexpected ways. If we learn how to select some key measures to watch, we can see how carefully applied changes can create positive effects in ways that look—on the surface—as if they're unrelated.

In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • Ways to reduce the information overload of metrics reporting and make metrics actionable
  • Ways to determine courses of future action to achieve success
  • Strategies for feeding the algorithms of automated systems to achieve desired outcomes

Roy Atkinson

Senior Writer/Analyst

Roy Atkinson is one of the top influencers in the service and support industry, with an international reputation. His expertise has been featured by The Economist, Social Media Today, Computerworld, and many others. His specialty is guiding organizations to better service and service management through the adoption of good practices. According to CIO Insight, he is a “model of the future digital leader.”