Pre 10: 360° Communication: Influence Up, Down, and All Around

Tuesday, April 10 at 9:00 AM

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This session provides participants with practical and immediately applicable interpersonal communication strategies, tools, and techniques, so they can exert positive influence on anyone in their professional sphere, and personal life. This session will have application at home as well as on the job. Participants will learn and practice new skills of communicating and leave the session with greater confidence for building the high-trust relationships that get things done better and faster than ever, with less resistance, through new Communication Power skills.

Skip Weisman

The Leadership and Workplace Communication Expert
Weisman Success Resources, Inc.

Skip Weisman, a former professional baseball executive, works with business leaders to create championship performance in the workplace. Twice during Skip's 20-year professional baseball career his teams were recognized as "Organization of the Year." Skip has been speaking, coaching, and consulting on creating championship workplaces and the importance of leadership communication in creating it since 2002. He regularly speaks at PMI conferences and has spoken at FUSION, Pink Elephant, and HDI Leadership Forum events.