Pre 9: The Fundamentals of Troubleshooting: A Simulation in 4 Steps

Tuesday, April 10 at 9:00 AM

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Whether you're a seasoned veteran aiming to confirm you can tackle unknown technical challenges, a manager seeking a common set of fundamental troubleshooting behaviors, or a junior technician looking for some insights on how to get started, this interactive, gamified workshop is right up your alley. The cloud-based simulation workshop environment will give you challenging troubleshooting scenarios based on LEGO® Mindstorms® robots to help you understand the importance of complexity and the four fundamental steps of troubleshooting that drive quality documentation.

Cynthia Christie

Project Management Professional and Senior Professional, Human Resources.

Cynthia Christie, ITIL, PMP, SPHR Cindy has over 13 years' experience with Kepner-Tregoe identifying the gaps in processes that can be improved with systematic troubleshooting practices. Cindy has worked within a range of industries including telecommunications, finance, energy, government, healthcare/pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, and automotive. She facilitates Kepner-Tregoe workshops and provides needs assessments, process mapping, and analysis. Cindy is certified in ITIL practices, is a Project Management Professional and Senior Professional in Human Resources. Her recent consulting projects include optimizing Incident Management organizations at various global companies.